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Skylight appoints Anthony de Rose as next CE

Skylight Trust has appointed Anthony de Rose as its next Chief Executive, Skylight's Chair Jim Donovan announced today. 

De Rose will take over from Heather Henare when she retires in late August. De Rose brings both a business background and extensive senior executive experience in mental health services management in New Zealand and Australia. Since returning to New Zealand, he has held an executive role with Te Āhuru Mōwai “Homes for Whānau”, a Ngāti Toa iwi initiative.

Donovan acknowledged Henare's transformative contribution and commitment to Skylight, staying on as CE well beyond her original planned retirement date. He especially thanked her for her management of the organisation through the Covid situation.
Skylight provides preventative and restorative programmes and services to help children, young people, and their families deal with trauma, loss, grief and difficult change.

ENDS: For more information, (04) 5955 868 or visit

Skylight offers free 'Covid-19 support information packs' to support mental health in children, young people and adults

Skylight is already receiving requests to its offer of free ‘Covid-19 support information e-packs’ that have been put together to help with anxiety and stress. The e-packs (for children/teens), include resources on: “how to strengthen children and teens against anxiety after news of a world trauma”, “helping children cope with fears and worries”, “coping skills for managing emotions.”

The e-packs include details on helplines, and links to more resources on Skylight’s resilience hub. Skylight’s CEO Heather Henare says, “You might notice your children are behaving differently, or asking questions repeatedly, and wonder if these changes are related to the ‘coronavirus world’ we are now living in. Our ‘Covid-19 e-support information pack’ will be a useful tool for parents, grandparents and caregivers. It will help with exploring and understanding children’s and teenager’s anxiety and assist in develop some strategies.

“Past experiences have shown that young people and children, will pick up fear and anxiety from adults. Sometimes people are not even aware they are impacted and are anxious. It is important to talk to children and young people and reassure them and explain what is going on.”

The not-for-profit, which employs 15 counsellors in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Thames and New Plymouth, is now also offering Skype counselling sessions for children, teenagers and adults.

Jim Donovan, Skylight Trust Chair, said “The Skylight Board has mobilised its Clinical Team to respond now, for the good of the children and young people who are often the unidentified passive bystanders, of what’s going on around them”. 

Skylight specialises in providing personalised support information packs, many to health and education professionals. Over 1,183 support packs were sent out during the last financial year. 

For more information and to contact Skylight call 0800 299 100 or to order a free ‘Covid-19 Support Information e-pack’ via 

ENDS: For media enquiries and interviews contact: Skylight CEO Heather Henare on 0274 490885

Conflict Resolution Day - When families break down

October 18 is Conflict Resolution Day. While conflict happens near and far, conflict in the family can impact the personal wellbeing of every family member. It may have long lasting and severe impacts on children and young people. Children, who are at the centre of bitter day to day care and contact battles, may not be at the centre of the decision-making process.Read More

Picking up the pieces after a suicide

The recent loss of television broadcaster Greg Boyed is a devastating tragedy. Those closest to him are now left to make sense of what has happened. Suicide is a complicated and multi-casual phenomenon. Finding meaning is an IMPORTANT part of grieving. There are many motives and multiple explanations for any single suicide. Researchers have estimated that, on average, for every suicide a further six to ten people will be severely affected by intense grief, while others...Read more

Launch of the Skylight Resilience Hub

Skylight Trust launched a new Resilience Hub today. A digital resource to help children, young people, their whānau and communities across Aotearoa New Zealand to navigate through times of trauma, loss, and grief by building resilient communities across Aotearoa, New Zealand. Skylight is connecting services through its Resilience Hub, an accessible platform that leverages existing specialist services provided by Skylight partners and others, alongside the specific services that Skylight offers...Read more

Kiwibank to honour Skylight Trust CE Heather Henare

Earlier this year Chief Executive Heather Henare was honoured as a local hero medalist in the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year awards and went on to be selected for the top ten semi-finalists. Kiwibank Manners Street has undergone some renovations, creating new meeting spaces within the branch. Building on tradition, when creating these new spaces, Kiwibank pays tribute to the Local Heroes who have contributed to New Zealand by naming meeting rooms after them...Read more

Launch of Loss and Grief Week 2018

This year, organisations around the country are planning to raise awareness of the impact that loss and grief can have on the lives of children, young people, whānau and community. The theme for the Loss and Grief week 2018 is ‘let’s talk about it’. It is important to give people a safe, non-judgmental space to talk about their losses. One event that Skylight will again be hosting is the ‘Trade me Celebrity Lunch Auctions'...Read more

Resilience Hub website provides tools to navigate trauma

Skylight Resilience Hub offers online training content and access to tools to help people get through difficult times. Skylight CEO Heather Henare says, "This is about making sure there is a central place that anyone can go on that are going through a tough time and they can look up some resources, some information, watch a web series but if they want to, they can actually contact an agency in their area...Read more

New digital resource to support New Zealanders through trauma

A new digital resource named Resilience Hub has been launched to support New Zealander’s navigating through times of trauma, loss, and grief. Launched by the Skylight Trust, the hub provides resources to help people build a kete of resilience tools to draw upon, in challenging times. It includes information and help-guides on topics including grief, trauma, violence, abuse, illness and suicide...Read more

Wellingtonians share their aspirations on Before I Die Wall

A 'Before I Die Wall' has popped up on Bond St in central Wellington, inviting passers-by to share their hopes and dreams for their lives on the wall. What began in New Orleans as an experiment in making a public space into a shared space, has now become a global art project, with more than 400 Before I Die Walls in 60 countries and 25 languages. The Before I Die Wall will be in Bond St until August 3...Read more

Resources Available at Skylight

Skylight is here to help you through difficult times. We can assist you in a variety of ways with information appropriate for your situation. You are welcome to visit us and receive free information and a support pack from our resource centre and borrow books from the specialist library. We also facilitate Professional Development training and offer Counselling support services for children, young people, family/whānau and individuals who are experiencing tough times.

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