Discrimination and bullying

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​Some people don’t understand that sexuality or gender identity are not a choice, and the fear of the unknown can cause them to behave in ways that are not OK.

LGBTQI+ people face obstacles and challenges that non LGBTQI+ people don’t. It’s tough growing up when the world around you may be telling you that it’s wrong to be who you are. Discrimination, whether direct or indirect and bullying by people who are homophobic, biphobic, transphobic and/or intersexist can be some of the challenges.

Homophobia is the fear, hate, mistrust or discomfort of someone who is homosexual.

Biphobia is fear, hate, mistrust or discomfort of someone who is bisexual.

Transphobia is fear, hate, mistrust or discomfort of someone who is transgender, gender diverse or who does not follow the assumed societal gender stereotypes.

Intersexism is fear, hate, mistrust, discomfort or mistreatment of someone who is intersex.

Discrimination can take many different forms, including negative behaviours and beliefs, aversion to or prejudice against people with other sexual orientations or gender identities. Someone who is homophobic may use humiliating words to talk about or say to a member of the homosexual community. They may undermine someone's sexual orientation, by saying it is just a call for attention or just a phase. In serious cases it can cause people to bully, abuse and or discriminate against homosexual people. Homophobia can be the source of hate crimes, as they are crimes against homosexual people, because of who they are.

No one has the right to discriminate against or bully another person - there are several things you can do to help stop homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and intersexism

  • Don't use negative or offensive language to describe the LGBTQI+ community. Be careful of how casual language can hurt others
  • Don't use stereotypes about LGBTQI+ people or make assumptions about them
  • Respect LGBTQI+ right to self-determination
  • Remember that being LGBTQI+ is just one part of a persons' identity and life
  • If you feel safe in doing, so speak up when other people are being discriminatory.

Feeling lonely and/or isolated, and learning to pretend you’re someone else to please others or to keep safe, can put unjust strain on someone. If you or someone you know is facing tough times, Skylight can offer support through counselling and/or referral to other organisations, or helpful information through our resource centre and library.

There are a lot of great resources from other organisations across Aotearoa that you may find helpful - check out our Where to find support page.

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