Social skills

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​​​Social skills are the ways in which we interact with others. 

Good social skills give us confidence and help us get along in the world. Social cues are the things we understand, or work out from instinct, without needing to be directly told about them. Empathy, or the ability to recognise and even share feelings that are being felt by another, is a big component of healthy social interactions. Being able to gauge another’s needs in light of and sometimes in spite of your own needs, can often determine your success or failure at relationships.

Skills that help:

  • cooperation – playing your part in a positive way
  • being a friend/supportive whānau
  • sharing
  • participation - joining in and 'giving it a go'
  • being patient and inclusive – everyone has the right to be heard
  • helping others
  • following directions - learning to follow directions or rules helps keep us all safe and well
  • staying on task - getting our own job done and not stopping others from doing theirs
  • accepting differences - every person is unique and special and we all have feelings
  • listening - learning to be an 'active listener'
  • praising others and not using 'put downs'. Letting people know when they have done well and not being mean, when they haven't
  • positive communication and interaction - if you are nice to others, then they are usually nice to you. Shouting and bullying may get attention but won't win friends
  • being polite and courteous
  • respecting ourselves, others and property, and accepting responsibility for what you say or do. This includes being honest and truthful
  • being respectful of your rights and the rights of others
  • resolving conflicts when you have a problem with someone or they have a problem with you.

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