Skylight's Child Protection Policy

Skylight Trust recognises that it has a duty of care for the safety, welfare, and well-being of tamariki and rangatahi and will act in ways which protect them from all forms of abuse and harm.

Skylight Trust asserts that all tamariki and rangatahi have equal rights to protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation regardless of their gender, race, religion, political beliefs, age, physical or mental health, sexual orientation, whānau and social background, and culture, economic status, or criminal background.

The decisions and actions of Skylight Trust in response to any child protection concern will be guided by the principle of “the welfare and best interests of tamariki and rangatahi”.

Skylight Trust acknowledges, and will adhere to, the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

 All services provided by Skylight Trust for the safety and wellbeing of tamariki and rangatahi adhere to the principles of partnership, protection, and participation; and the rights and responsibilities accorded by Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

All services provided by Skylight Trust for the safety and wellbeing of tamariki and rangatahi have regard to mana tamaiti (tamariki and rangatahi ) – the intrinsic value and inherent dignity derived from a tamariki or rangatahi’s whakapapa and their belonging to a whānau, hapū, and iwi; ensuring the upholding, and protection, of Māori rights and interests, in accordance with the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989.

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