How to build resilience

— Skylight Trust

Ways to build resilience in children, teens and adults, and in families, groups, schools, businesses, organisations and communities.

We all need resilience to cope with the challenges life throws at us. Looking at how you have managed and survived past events, can help you become more resilient at managing future events.

You can also increase your resilience and that of others in the following ways:

  • getting connected. Make friends , get to know people, join in with teams, clubs, and organisations. Talk to and help people and allow them to help you
  • don’t give up. Everyone deals with a crisis from time to time. Work your way through it. Things will get better. It isn’t easy, but you do get through eventually
  • change is happening all the time. It's unsettling when change happens. See change as an opportunity
  • set some long-term goals, then work out the steps to achieve them. Make these steps your short-term goals and work your way through them. Make sure they are realistic and achievable
  • think about how you can solve problems, instead of wishing that they would go away
  • often, people find that they have developed better skills, made new friends, and know themselves better after they have gone through a crisis
  • develop your skills and instincts, and then develop confidence in your ability to use them
  • expect some set-backs. Then carry on working towards your goals
  • always be hopeful of your ability to get through, and that things will improve - practise thinking positive thoughts
  • look after yourself. Exercise and eat well, and learn to relax
  • get to know yourself. Some people do this by meditation or writing down their thoughts. It’s helpful to know what your opinions are, and to reflect on how you handle life, what works for you and what doesn’t.

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