Trauma recovery

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It is possible to recover from trauma.​

There are different types of trauma.

Single incident trauma: refers to a one off event that has the potential for triggering a traumatic response in a person, such as a natural disaster, rape or losing someone to suicide.

Cumulative/chronic/complex trauma: a series of traumatic events that the person has had to go through, such as, years of witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, a history of grooming and sexual abuse, bullying or being raised in a neglectful household.

Both kinds of trauma can have different impacts on a person, and the signs can present immediately after the event, or a long time after the event.

Some of the signs can be acute, like panic attacks, anxiety, rage, nightmares and some of the signs can be chronic, such as health conditions, addictions, relationship difficulties, learning difficulties.

No matter how strong the trauma is, it can be healed with appropriate trauma informed intervention.

The intervention should be tailored according to your needs and experiences, it could include: Medication - for treating physical and or mental health conditions, and talking therapies.

There is no set timeframe for healing trauma. With the proper support you will recover, and the most important thing, is it to feel safe - every step of the way and with everyone you talk to.

A trauma informed therapy will aim to provide a sense of safety, a safe space in which to process the experience and emotions around it, and to rebuild trust and a new sense of self.

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